Our history

Anpaja's History

Since childhood, initially because of the need, now because of the passion I have been doing different decorations. From a young age I spied parents who sewed all sorts of things.

In time, I began to help them. The idea to share my work is thanks to the acquired skills and passion for interior decorating, my bedroom, then children's room. Each day the need to create a new design, the element of decoration, decorate anything was getting stronger.

Each of us in the space surrounding needs a piece of own place. Place which will be your reflection and in which you feel your best. I think that every little thing can make a climate.

How made it?

All products are made in our own home. We prepare design, we cut, sew, create on our own with special care in every detail.

Each product, each mascot, each clothes are different and unique - handmade. Quality of products we use to make our items is extremely important to us. We choose the best types of polish and foreign fabric, mainly Italian.

We sew clothes to size for the customer - in a message you can write a preferred size (chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, total length dress / tunic / blouse).

All fillings are non-allergenic and gentle. Wooden decorations are made of precious wood varieties. We choose the best species of exotic trees.


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